If you are a sole practitioner and you hate typing New York divorce forms, we are the answer. If you are a large firm and you are looking to reduce costs by outsourcing some of your typing, we can help. We have all the latest, most up-to-date forms from the New York Supreme Court's website, and our stipulation of settlement and our settlement agreement are based on the New York State Bar Associations' latest forms which are available on their website. Our forms are customized for each case to provide the best chance for success the first time. On average, we currently prepare approximately 100 divorces for our clients every month. If you need help with defective papers or insufficient papers or any other type of bounce or rejection from the court, we can help. We can review your file and provide the remedial paperwork necessary to get your case done.


Step #1 = Fill out our easy intake forms and send them to us by email or fax.
Step #2 = We'll prepare the first set of divorce documents and email them to you.
Step #3 = Answer a few simple questions by email and we send you the final set of NY divorce documents. 


We begin by providing our clients with easy to understand and easy to use intake forms which collect all the information we need to prepare all the New York divorce documents and forms needed to get a divorce in NY. Our intake forms are easy to understand and can be filled out easily and quickly. Once we receive the intake forms from our clients, we carefully proof read them to make sure that all the information we need to prepare the New York divorce papers is available. 


Once we have verified that the intake forms are complete, we prepare the first set of New York divorce documents. This set includes an easy to read Proof Sheet, a Summons with Notice (Form UD-1), Affidavit of Defendant (Form UD-7), Affidavit of Service (Form UD-3), and a Stipulation of Settlement (if the parties have marital property, marital debts, and or children). We can also prepare a Summons & Verified Complaint if you prefer. Also, due to the new maintenance law, we are also preparing and sending the following documents with our first set: Annual Income Worksheet Form UD-8(1), Maintenance Guidelines Worksheet Form UD-8(2), and Child Support Worksheet Form UD-8(3).


Once the aforementioned NY divorce documents and forms are properly signed, notarized, and filed, we prepare the final set of New York divorce documents. The final set of documents includes all of the following documents: UD-2 Verified Complaint, UD-4 Removal of Barriers, UD-5 Affidavit of Regularity, UD-6 Affidavit of Plaintiff, UD-9 Note of Issue, UD-10 Findings of Fact, UD-11 Judgment of Divorce, UD-12 Part 130 Certification, UD-13 RJI, UD-14 Notice of Entry, Certificate of Dissolution, Notice of Settlement, UD-8a SCU Information Sheet, RJI Addendum (UCS-840M), NYS Case Registry Filing Form, UCS-111 CS Summary Form, and other County specific forms as required.


We are available Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM to make any changes or corrections to any of the New York divorce forms we send you. We are available by phone, email, instant messenger, text, and Skype. We can usually make any simple corrections or changes you need immediately and email them to you in a few seconds. More complex changes can take longer.

We have typed thousands of New York divorce forms and documents for our customers in the past ten years. We are experts in preparing NY divorce papers. We have examined and repaired hundreds of defective papers notices from the Supreme Court. We are the foremost experts in New York divorce typing and processing. We will have any documents you need prepared and emailed to you within 48 hours. We can have your first set of divorce forms and documents ready in two hours or less for a small rush fee. We can have your final set of divorce papers and forms ready in two hours or less for a small rush fee. We have the experience to know what will work, and we have the experience to let you know what might not work. Our utmost goal is to provide you with an outstanding customer service experience as quickly as possible. Our service is tailored to exceed all of your expectations.

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Our basic fee is $109 to prepare a complete divorce package, including a comprehensive stipulation of settlement. We charge extra fees for additional typing, multiple changes, and papers rejected by the court. You just fill out our easy intake forms and we send you your documents. It is that easy!


Pacific Typing Corporation is a team of real people who type and prepare New York State divorce forms and divorce documents. We type divorce papers for attorneys, paralegals, and people who represent themselves in court in New York State. 

We are a team of real people who prepare and type New York divorce forms and the Stipulation of Settlement for NY divorce cases. Whenever you contact us, you will communicate with a real person who is an expert in preparing New York divorce documents and forms. We have over 12 years of experience.  Call us at (347) 201-1966 or email us at for help now!